Audio & Video Streaming in Web App, Mobile Apps

This has been long pending in OwnCloud to have a full fledged support for Video Streaming on the web app and the mobile apps for all formats… Maybe linked to red5 server or any media streaming server but will be a wonderful addon… Major use of Cloud Storage is for video streaming and music streaming…


I think ffmpeg is suitable for that purpose.

The main problem with video streaming is that all content needs to be analysed and then a lot of it needs to be transcoded to make sure it can be played on lots of different devices.
It’s impossible to do on puny hardware and the reason there are specialised services offering video hosting for a fee.

Transcoding needs power. I believe the streaming feature would be better if implemented as plugin, even if a “official” one.

Since a lot of people do not have the power to streaming properly and will not use this feature, add it as plugin help to avoid Nextcloud to became bloated, IMO.

It should be possible to implement once the background job processing queue is in place.

Try the app "mp3 player"
Super simple; straight forward; and fully working - compared to “music”

agree completely, we dont want to see this get bloated. maybe colaborate with existing steaming projects to give plugin support with them. I would love to see a Plex plugin for example. :smiley:

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply install it in parallel and give it access to your media folder?

Of course, but i was thinking of other features like allowing nextcloud to notify plex of file/folder changes to update the library etc.
eg. upload a file to nextcloud and it instantly appears on plex for streaming.

Obviously there are lots of other existing steaming solutions. Just using plex as an example.

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Plex can already do that :slight_smile:

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Well ok then. I retract my suggestion. :blush:

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Some sort of bridge could still be useful, like a player and a command which launch the transcoder if one is installed, but that requires a config where PHP is allowed to run shell commands…

I completely agree, transcoding on the file so that the user does not leave nextcloud and its available right with the same nextcloud webapp, mobile apps everywhere without thinking whats powering it in the background…

It should not even be a separate app per se… directly through the files app…

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would like to see this.
if server doesn’t have ffmpeg running most mp4/webm/etc will pay w/o transcoding anyway with html5 players (allowing timeshift) BUT of ffmpeg is installed admin could have option to use it.
related (but also its own suggestion) is generating actual embed codes for media/documents/etc wether through iframe or emb_obj would be nice.
ability to share a media file like dropbox basically.

That’s a common misconception. MP4 is a container, only very specific video encodings work with HTML5.

Yes, that would be nice, as would more options for sharing content publicly in general (eg being able to host images, so they can be shared in forums etc).

That said, public content sharing is already covered by the big, commercial platforms, making it less important imo than material for which some privacy is required. That said again though, I’d still rather host my own publicly facing content than have it going straight into the databases of Alphabet / Facebook etc for their various biometric / psychometric identification programs.

That’s already possible with ShareLinks

Realise I’m not talking about giving people a link that they can click on and see a page with the image on it, but a direct link to the image itself, that can be used in things like Diaspora’s image linke (eg. Test image ). I’ve tried visiting the share link in past, and then getting the image link location from that. Sometimes it’s worked. Sometimes it hasn’t. My understanding was that it used to work, but there was some kind of security issue, and it was disabled. If there’s a fast, easy and reliable way to get a direct image link currently though, I’d be very happy to be proven wrong.

That’s exactly what ShareLinks does.

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Oh, cool! Sorry, I thought you were talking about the public links generated by the files app, not a completely different app. Thanks for putting me onto that!