Audio & Video Streaming in Web App, Mobile Apps

For Android I tried to get audio/video streaming to work again.
It is working, as @oparoz is saying for specific video formats.
I hope that we find the time to enhance this feature.
Of course it would be a good idea to recode “wrong” videos to a suitable format. (this is something we are doing currently in our company, but with a bash script which uses inotify)

That’s a common misconception. MP4 is a container, only very specific video encodings work with HTML5.

well aware of that just didn’t think I needed to get into specifics.
stuff encoded with handbrake (even w/o the web stream/qtfaststart option checked) will usually work with html5 as is now using just default profiles.
stuff encoded with ffmpeg by cmdline seems to work as well using (in my tests) with no specific conversion paramters/mp4box/player/etc commands.
and if it doesn’t a flash fallback, while not desired. would work if server had mod_h264 pseudostreaming module enabled.

Everything you’ve just described is related to transcoding or h.264 encoding and the reason it works in your HTML5 player.