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I am one the thousand of ex-owncloud users that is starting with Nextcloud and it is looking great :grinning:
Theres is one things that i would like to suggest, how we can integrate videos in the gallery so we can se videos and photos at the same time?
Also it could be a good idea ( i do not know how) to get together the nextcloud app for IOS\android and Carousel (Very famous from Dropbox and the project was closed)
These ideas are pointing more to the multimedia part put it is still important i think :confused:


@oparoz Any plans to include video as well?

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It’s difficult to add video support because browsers have poor support (the sample video Nextcloud ships doesn’t play in Chrome), which means that videos would have to be transcoded which requires powerful servers.
So if someone releases a transcoding app, then we could use the converted videos in Gallery. That’s just one idea.

A bit related to that:

I’ll reignite this topic as it’s still relevant now, and Chrome plays the sample file fine on my machines - mobile and desktop :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s Chromium which has an issue, since it doesn’t contain the codec, but the fundamental issue hasn’t changed. Without transcoding, we can’t offer a good UX.

Is transcoding the only solution? I’ve spent a few mins uploading sample videos to a bunch of cloud storage providers and of:

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Box

Only Google Drive and Box don’t show previews for videos, and Box seems intentional as it doesn’t offer preview images for any media.

  1. Do you have the list of codecs used by those videos?
  2. How did you verify that these providers didn’t transcode your content in order to show it in the browser?

Box has a very good preview API, so I’m surprised it doesn’t show any previews for you, but maybe their standard web client is only doing the strict minimum.

Perhaps it does not need to offer full video preview, but a thumbnail/still of the video (ideally with a video ‘play’ button superimposed on top to show it is a video) that will then allow the user to download the video.

Currently if I share the folder of family photos/videos, I usually give them the link to the gallery where they can see the images but then family members do not know that the videos exist at all.


Nothing scientific at all, simply “if they can do it…”[quote=“thatscoteng, post:9, topic:3088”]
Perhaps it does not need to offer full video preview

An image is all we need. Something to show it’s media, but doesn’t have to do anything until clicked. Same in both file and gallery view.

I wrote something a while back to provide a thumbnail for video files inside a browser by using ffmpeg to pull out a single frame. I’ve never written an app for Nextcloud, but it doesn’t seem overly complicated…perhaps I can look into it.


There aren’t many codecs used for modern videos, and all browsers have good support now. Could this feature be reconsidered?

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Hello manches,

Is there any progress in this area? I would like to have video thumbnails in the gallery. Would also be nice to have thumbnails with mov files too. :slight_smile:

Yes, all that is needed is a single frame and this all thing does not make any sense:

  1. Nextcloud “Files” does have a 'Preview Provider" for video thumbnails;
    it support movies (mp4, etc.) (It’s disabled by default)
  • I’ve been using it for quite a while and it works great.
  1. Nextcloud “Files” can play video files
    It’s enabled by default and available in the online Nextcloud trial
  • I’ve been using it for quite a while and it works great.

But then the discussion goes on and on and on (for years) about if / why it can or cannot be done in Gallery.

If it can be (and is) done in “Files” then it can be done in “Gallery” too, don’t you think?

Users have been inquiring about this feature for years (owncloud and/or nextcloud); just search for it in Google.

2017 and still nothing…

Same thing with being able to adjust the transition delay in the slideshow. Years and years of users asking why this basic, simple, common sense feature is missing and when it will finally be added.

2017 and still nothing…

Gallery is a dead project.

However you’ve got end to end encryption now… in case it makes you happy while waiting.

@oparoz I understand Gallery is meant to move to the common “Viewer” app, which supports videos.
Any work planned/ongoing on this?