App Social Login: "Custom OAuth2 ", How to set and example?


The app Social login via “OAuth GitHub” works very well ! Thanks a lot for all contributors. Thus, I would like to go further by using the “Custom OAuth2” function. I try to set the “Custom Oauth2” as same as what I have set with “OAuth GitHub” (still verifying account by GitHub).

I follow the GitHub OAuth’s template from:

Here is what I do in “Custom OAuths”:

  1. API Base URL:
  2. Authorize url (can be relative to base URL):
  3. Token url (can be relative to base URL):
  4. Profile url (can be relative to base URL): ???
  5. Scope (optional): user:email ???
  6. Profile Fields (optional, comma-separated): ???
  7. Groups claim (optional): ???

For, 4-7 I don’t know what to put in these boxes. Please help me to configure these so my Custom OAuth will work as same as “GitHub OAuth”.


I was unable to make custom oatuth2 work fine… even when Moodle connect flawlessly to the same oauth2 service.

Tried to open a thread here: Oauth to allow nextcloud users to connect on Wordpress - #5 by erjeve

And here: Sociallogin / Wordpress + WP OAuth Server: Provider API returned an unexpected response

they also went unanswered.

DId you manage to make it work?