Sociallogin / Wordpress + WP OAuth Server: Provider API returned an unexpected response

Hello all, Im having problems making Wordopress oauth2 work with Nextcloud…

I tried (the free version of) 2 different plugins:

On both I have the same error: Provider API returned an unexpected response.

If I do the opposite (using Nextcloud to login on Wordpress) it works flawlessly.
I can use the Wordpress Oauth2 server (any of the 2 wordpress plugins) to login on our Moodle website without problems.

This support ticket is similar: Issues with custom OAuth2 · Issue #42 · zorn-v/nextcloud-social-login · GitHub
The solution was to use openid (and oipenid as scope) but then I get the message “No id_token was found.”

Doesn anyone were successful in connecting Nextcloud to wordpress (WP as server)?