Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3 - Brand New Design and Photos 2.0 with Editor and AI

Thanks a lot, you solved my mystery! I was just not aware that 1:1 chats would not show the options. When thinking about it, I understand that a poll does not make much sense in 1:1, but from a technical perspective I just assumed it would be there.

Great thanks for this:
“Server-side encryption introduces support for group folders.”

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“WHAAT? WHERE HAS MY DARK MODE GONE?” I shouted, opening the Nextcloud interface the first time after upgrade. Everything looked blue and bright. Okay actually menu elements were still dark, but the top icon bar was blue. Checking theme app, black theme color is there, but bar is blue… Navigating back and forth, realised that the top bar is actually transparent and the changed background image was really the only change :sweat_smile:. Changed back to a dark sky background, everything well, calming down. You have to know it was last night and quite dark in my room, so the bright background was quite a shock to my eyes and tired brain :smile:.

Now, wow, I have to say I like that new design very much, including the rounded edges. I needed to laugh when realising that personal settings and admin settings in the menu have been split again. Wasn’t this one of the very first visible differences between Nextcloud and ownCloud that time? Was this a reaction to the fact that ownCloud followed Nextcloud and merged the two menu entries as well, just recently :wink:? However, I like it more it is now, as accessing the admin panel with setup and update notifications is one click less :+1:.


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In the description of Photos 2.0 it says “Futhermore, you can share the album with others using a public link so they can add their photos too.”

How can this be achieved?

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