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Hi all,

Is there a way to get some numbers for an application usage ?

I could imagine that “Nextcloud” knows the amount of times an app has been installed through the platform.

In addition to that, I also know there is the usage survey application that sends some opt-in data to somewhere…

Regarding applications, what is the general feeling about adding tracking pixels (with opt-in, to get usage feedback) into applications. I haven’t looked at how other apps are doing.

The community rating seems a little bit poor in terms of feedback for application developers.

Thanks in advance.

There are some stats via the password app:

From the app store, you just get the URL for the download.

It seems they collect the information about the apps installed.
There is a feature request to share more detailed information:


So the answer is no, there is nothing (yet).

The stat site is interesting although it makes my browser suffer and have not been able to get at the bottom of the page yet :frowning:

I didn’t notice until now that the apps page was not hosting the files.

I asked a similar question to many app devs maybe a year ago. The answer was mostly the same: it was considered as negative and breaking with the Nextcloud promises of a independent framework. In the end, I accepted that I will most probably have no statistics about the app usage, unfortunately.

I had although been given the hint that GitHub had some statistics on the number of downloads of the individual releases. This can be used at least to some extend.


Thanks, I was able to get some insight about downloads. Will probably be able to draft some conclusion about trends when I release more versions.

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We had a survey from users about two years ago:

Doing such surveys where you ask people to participate is nice to get a view on the community, especially when the survey is specific and the results are shared afterwards. Apps have also a section here on the forum, each developer can also ask for feedback.

For survey modules, some people will oppose to an automation to share more or less automatically data, you create such an infrastructure. If there is a bug they might share more than they want, … especially that might be one of the main reasons not to use big cloud providers.

If the app release package is hosted on github you may use the GitHub API or GitHub Release Stats to check the download count of individual releases of an app.

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