Who are we? - Take part in the Nextcloud Community Survey

Hello there,

if you’ve been to the forums, you know the Nextcloud Community is a vibrant, cheerful bunch and a place for sometimes rigorous debates. But who are we, really? Where are we approaching Nextcloud from and what are we using it for? What are our struggles and what do we love about Nextcloud?

We’ve gathered a list of questions to glean more insights into our community. If you have been using Nextcloud in some form, we would love for you to take this short survey: https://cloud.nextcloud.com/apps/forms/T3GgFx2JATEYoWFa (Neatly implemented in Nextcloud Forms)

Cheers :cloud: :wave:


Hi and thank you for this initiative!

There are two points that I miss in the form.

  1. For the question “Do you use Talk, and if so, do you host the HPB?” I would like to answer, that I would use HPB, if I could get it to work. Answering “I use Talk without the HPB” sounds like, I don’t want to use HPB :wink:

  2. For question “Which NC apps have you lost interest in” I would love to explain my answer and a big input field would be better for that I believe.
    Because I didn’t loose interest in some apps, but I just gave up trying to use them. There are quite a few apps that can’t keep up with the NC server release cycle and as a result these apps can’t be enabled/ used for weeks or months. And it feels like it doesn’t even make sense to try to use them for the short time they are supported by the NC version.
    I felt this might be some relevant explanation about why people don’t use some apps or “lost interest”.

First, Marcel asked for feedback on the questions before they were sent out :upside_down_face: that would’ve been more helpful :wink:

True, true. It is of course hard to get nuance in a survey like this… Esp open answer fields are problematic if we get a lot of responses. But this could’ve been elaborated.

The HPB in particular is of course a bit of a PITA to get running, at least compared to the next of Nextcloud - you can either say it shows how hard we work to keep NC easy to run, or it shows how hard it is to run video calling infra :grimacing:
The truth is probably a bit of both…

Right, that’s a similar issue as the one above - maybe you want something but just can’t get it to work.

BTW to deal with this we introduced the option to enable an app even if it doesn’t explicitly state it is compatible - you know, use the big red ‘enable untested app’ or whatever it is named. In most cases, that shouldn’t be an issue - our API evolves, but not THAT fast, we try to keep several years of backwards compatibility so if the app uses public API it should be ok to be updated once every year or even less often.


@marcelklehr I filled out the survey. It makes me want to be more active when people start by asking what I’m trying to do!


That previous post probably didn’t get the same visibility because it wasn’t in the ‘News’ category, but point taken. Thanks marcel, and thanks jos!

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Hi @jospoortvliet

My post was not meant as a complain about missing questions and rather as feedback and an idea.

Unfortunately I totally missed the forum post which gathered ideas. I don’t have notifications enabled for “General”.
I know I’m late with my feedback and therefor I would never complain. That’s totally on me.

I know :wink: and appreciate the hard work of the NC team :+1:
Again, I don’t want to complain with my post, I just wanted to add this as feedback, which I couldn’t really add to the form.
I want to write this, so that you know what is going on in the community and what are the struggles of the users. And only because you (the community via the community form) asked :slight_smile: Otherwise I would have been silent actually.

Yes, right. I’m aware of that and use it for one or two apps. But I disabled a few apps again, after they caused issues, like throwing too many errors or causing issues in other apps.
“Share renamer” for example does not work at all anymore.

Again sorry for being so late with my feedback.

I totally forgot about Share renamer! I love that app. See discontinued issue here.

Seems a rewrite is in progress in addition to an api which makes it possible to inject entries into the share dropdown:
It will be available in NC23 and NC22.2.0

We could totally create a new tag specifically for posts on the forum seeking-feedback or similar. I’d be down for it. If you can think of a better name, let’s do it.

For me, I just wrote whatever I wanted into the fields at any length without penalty. As far as I know, all feedback was received.

This topic is now globally pinned for the next two weeks. Hope that helps.

One place I think we could clarify more information is the intended use case of Nextcloud. It varies, but some of us use it in both professional and personal capacities, both hosted and selfhosted. Perhaps that is even not so rare, but I don’t know.

Also on the development of Nextcloud, it is an interesting and varied topic. For me, the number one issue that needs to be addressed for all users is: make it possible to import and export your personal data from all official, or community, apps whenever possible.

Example: You cannot export Deck data. Sending a gdpr request does not resolve this, so it creates the same problem Frank discussed in a very old school talk on “Crushing data silos” because you are still in a silo in regards to this app individually. Sure, there is nuance here to explore, but this issue is #1 in my opinion for every prospective user there will ever be: Get your data in and out of Nextcloud with equal ease.

Happy to have done the survey and hope it is helpful in getting more input from the community. Much love! Cheers, and thank you.

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I totally missed your posting about the planned survey as well. :sleepy:
Seen tweet at Twitter and thought “I am part of the community as well. So, who did that without ringing the bells :bell: in the forum?”
Now it is too late. :unamused:

Have already filled out the form some days ago.

Thanks for all the feedback! I’m sorry this didn’t reach too many people before being finalized, but :+1: for a feedback tag and hopefully, we can do this regularly, every year perhaps? So, your feedback is still valuable :slight_smile:


This survey has me looking at my list of apps sideways - Think I’ll prune it down a bit!

Until when can people participate in the survey?

It’s been running for a week now. We can let it run one more week, perhaps?

@marcelklehr I forgot to mention that I lost interest in Social app. I would be very happy if it would work again and be up to date.

Forgot to mention I lost interest in the Photos app. It works, but I find it is missing the features we had in Gallery. I’m glad we have a photo app, but do not recommend it if you have an alternative available.

An app I love is FlowUpload. It has a wonderful layout and makes it easy to upload folders and files to multiple locations. Even has the ability to resume failed uploads!!! It is the best and deserves desktop and mobile app support. Very strongly recommended!


Is it possible to publish the results?

Yep, we’re on it :slight_smile:


I can confirm :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I am curious. Any news about the survey result?