A dead man's switch for messages, folder passwords and more

Hi everyone,

what I would like to see and what has a lot of potential imho is a dead man’s switch for nextcloud.

After not having logged in for a certain amount of time it could send out prearranged messages to preselected contacts and the links and passwords to nextcloud folders.

Maybe it could even transfer preselected photos to the public domain or publish a prearranged website. The possibilities are numerous.

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You could bring this unmaintained dead dead man switch (no pun intended :wink:) app back to life:

Hi all - just found this thread thanks to the brilliant lookup/search function in this forum, was just beginning to type away at a title for my own thread/idea…

I will have a look at the dms codebase - but a question/thought for now: does ‘activity by the user’ include syncs by a Nextcloud desktop app? Reason I’m asking is: I’m looking for something like dms for handle ‘digital obituary’ - i.e. in case I am incapacitated for whatever reason, send an email to someone with my password database (and a separate mail with the unlock password), and some text about accounts to delete etc.
Now this will not work in my case if desktop app sync counts as ‘activity’, because that will happen as soon as my computer is running/being used by someone in the family (multiuser setup, but still…)

Generally: thank you all for Nextcloud. Awesome!

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