Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

An app or a configuration option where I can “set up” “enable/disable” all the email-stuff, like:

  • HTML or PLAIN TEXT mails
  • content of emails, like status-mails, password-reset, or first-login
  • own color schematas for HTML mails

An app or a configuration option where I can change all color schamatas for the website. Today I can change the color i.e. from blue to organge, but the maintenance-page ist still blue.


App password restrictions for specific nextcloud apps

  • Currently one-time passwords allow access to all apps of that user.

A WebUI Screenshot app!

Hubzilla Integration, which you can help test here.


Foldertree - optionally allow a tree view of folders in the left pane for easier, file manager navigation. This used to be offered through an old Owncloud app and is a nice part of FileRun. I would personally prefer this to the default Nextcloud menu in most user situations.


We would really like an app that allows for uploading webvr and/or 360 panorama content with automatic link creation so we can let customers view our models via Nextcloud…
Working for several architecture offices i know there’s a market for this.
We use Enscape for rendering and they provide this as a service in their software.
Nextcloud integration would be fantastic.


That should be actually fairly easy with AFrame. Right now you could use ideaspacevr https://www.ideaspacevr.org/

But that is really just a php wrapper around Mozilla’s AFrame WebVR framework.

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Already here, just needs a new life from a new dev :wink::


An easier way to make and see comments in the gallery. As the comments are currently “hidden” unter the file details which you have to open for each picture separately, almost no one I know makes use of the comment function. A button next to the download/delete/share button in the top that shows or hides a comment field would be great.

I would love to have the possibility to create folders where the uploaded content is being deleted after a certain period of time. There is already the retention-app but it requires to set a tag to each of those files and the period of time is measured starting with the file timestamp and not the upload date…


Currently, comments cannot be viewed by federated parties sharing a file, nor can anonymous uploaders add a comment with the files they send. I’d recommend submitting your request for comment visibility directly to the Nextcloud Gallery github issues page.

On file retention, I’d recommend submitting your feature requests directly to their Github page here.

Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

An usable emailclient! functionality is much more as nice unusable gui.

Well, there are already at least two: Rainloop and the official Nextcloud Mail app. The latter is still WIP, the former is fully functional, but stores the passwords in a not very secure way. Better to make those two better than having yet another barely maintained one…


A calendar extension for a year-view would be great :slight_smile:
Link: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/9963


There should be an info/about icon in the title bar, which shows non admin users information about the version of nextcloud and of the current used app. Otherwise it’s difficult to get the correct documentation, if you don’t know the version of the app. Additionally there could be some more infos from …/apps/…/info.xml displayed


A gallery app for office documents, PDFs, ebooks, music files, pictures and videos.

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As far as implementation on that one, would giving the current Gallery app preview generators and options to show these file types satisfy this, or is there something else that’s missing?

Would love to see project management integrated in NC. For example, openproject.org or projeqtor.org or others. It would take advantage of the user base and groups and have access to files/folders.

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Automatic saving of text file edition, to be used for notes.

Just saw this answer Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud? which is actually a good solution :slight_smile:

Files On Demand for Nextcloud Desktop Windows Client, like implemented for OneDrive:

The various status of each file and folder is shown in the “Status” column, indicating whether it is in the OneDrive Cloud only or stored locally on the device. Right mouse clicking allows you to choose to “Always keep on this device”

If a file is not stored locally, simply double clicking on it as you normally would to open a file will immediately trigger a download to open the requested file.

Currently, ownCloud is working on it for their next release (Show online files in local storage), about the tests of this feature on their forum: https://central.owncloud.org/t/owncloud-virtual-file-system-discussion/13823. Once it is implemented, there is a chance that we can backport it on the forked Nextcloud client.