Index -- Ideas and Nice To Have's

What follows is an attempt at a more organized index of ideas that have been offered as “nice to have,” but still need an intrepid developer to make them! Perhaps you?!

A couple quick points:

  • This is just an informal list, so no pressure. :sunflower:
  • If you submit an idea on Github and are told it makes more sense as an external app (most requests) please link it here.
  • The order of items presented here is less important than listing them at all.
  • Contributing to this list does not make any submissions important or relevant for the devs, but maybe it’ll help them peruse through community ideas. :slight_smile:
  • Please, do not mention or @ any staff of this forum or Nextcloud in this thread. Thank you.
  • Wiki Editing is turned on as of the next post, so please help organize and edit this list if you have the forum trust level to do so.
  • If you only want to follow this thread, just subscribe to changes on the far right, using the bell icon.

Here we go. Let’s keep this as focused as possible on just links, with descriptions kept to one sentence. Think of it as an index for the sorts of good ideas mentioned all over the forum and github. Wiki follows below…

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Header Example for Index of Ideas and Nice To Haves

  • Example (please leave) - Adds integration to via Github issue #0


External Storage

  • Rclone GUI app to add web browser support in addition to existing cli apps.



To Develop, Bounty, Help Wanted.

Office & Productivity

  • Screenshot app built directly into Webui. See Myazo.
  • Document Signing, or DocuSign
  • Wiki app I’m currently using simplesamlphp to sorta use dokuwiki in Nextcloud with External sites but it’s still not 100%.
  • Timesheets - example in link. Very simple timesheet app.
  • Time Tracker for managing time on projects and Deck app.



Files App


  • possibility to enter number of icons in your menu-bar yourself (not implemented, yet - but there’s a GH-issue with a long discussion and some possible solutions to it, so it’s been worked on)



  • allow sharing of single (or handpicked) contacts

Mobile Applications: iOS, Android, Sailfish

Android Nextcloud Mobile App

  • Notes support within Android mobile app

Rebuild file index Rescan/Rebuild file index from the GUI

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Update: Nice to Have is now a label available on the main project repo to track these items from Github!