Feature Request: Document Signing

I am proposing a feature for Nextcloud Server which would support Document Creation/Signing like it is allowed on HelloSign, DocuSign and RightSignature just to name a few. Where a user can create a form, adding a text field, signature field, radio buttons or check boxes in a PDF document.

The Nextcloud admin would create a template document which can then be customized for a specific user which would be identified by email address, that email address doesn’t have to have an account. The email address is notified automatically by Nextcloud server, requesting their signature.

I have requested the feature here as well: Feature Proposal: Online Document Creation and Signing · Issue #5139 · nextcloud/server · GitHub


I am bumping this topic as I think it will really bring a lot of new users, particularly enterprise users, to Nextcloud.

I am currently using concordnow.com, which is free but storing contracts and templates in a different platform isn’t convenient.

It would be interesting to hear from others of suggestions as to how an esign app in Nextcloud could designate documents as “templates”, “partly signed” and “fully signed”.


I"m a business owner plus realtor and this will be massive to an entirely new group of people for sure. Great Idea. I’ll try to beef up the github with my feedback if I can.


I would also love this feature. A DocuSign addon for NextCloud would be excellent.


I would also really really like this for my organization. Anyone know of an existing extension?


It is a surprise that this is not a planned feature!


As recommended on Github by a Nextcloud team member, I would recommend to publish this feature request under the app ideas category. Eventually someone picks the idea up and creates an app with the desired function.

Additionally you might think about hiring a developer who develops this app for you if it is a must-have enterprise users feature.

Hey are there any updates on this? Could really use this feature…

Let me bump this topic . This feature make nextcloud more complete and awesome.

A possible solution would be to use the workflow_script app which allows to execute external commands on files activities.

Interesting idea, have you tried it? Would love to hear feedback about such experiment :slight_smile:

Hi all!

We are actually building this functionality right now, about to be ready.

Would anyone with a Nextcloud+Signing need be willing to have a short chat to learn more about the exact needs-workflow?
Please contact me here or at eideasy.com


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any update on when this will become available? This is a big need for us.