Zimbra Emails integration with Nextcloud


I have zimbra email server that perfectly running on an other server. Now we want to integrate zimbra emails to our nextcloud server so that users of nextcloud can access their emails from nextcloud server, they do not need to login zimbra server separately. Users that are available in NC should use same credentials for zimbra emails.

Please suggest is it possible?

Hi @zohaib09

I don’t know Zimbra. But if you can connect to it via IMAP and SMTP it should work. Nextcloud Mail acts as any other (desktop) IMAP / SMTP mail client.

In theory it should be possible to use the Nextcloud LDAP application to authenticate your Nextcloud users against the the Zimbra LDAP service


Hi thank you for your reply.

Is there app in nextcloud for email? where i can define user accounts and email server configuration?

According to this thread it should be possible by using LDAP. But I never done that myself so I can’t provide you with details on how to do it…

thank you!