Mail app / Ldap authentication to local server

Hi I am using the nextcloud mail app read/send mails from/to a local mail server (Dovecot, IMAP). It would be great if the mail app could use the ldap settings in the main nextcloud application to login to my local server.

Stefan Sundberg
Östersund / Sweden

This is already possible:

There are two problems with the solution mentioned in your attached link:

  1. The parameter “%USERID%” is translated to an UID, not the username.
  2. If no auth is needed for the smtp server (outgoing port 25), it seems like the setings cannot be automatically saved.

Please help me with a solution to this problem.

Yes. UID literally stands for User ID.

If this is a missing feature please report it at

Cannot be saved? What settings? Nothing is saved with the automatic provisioning you’re trying to set up. But I’m pretty sure SMTP without authentication is indeed not supported. Again, if that is the case, open a feature request at