/x2t: error while loading shared libraries: libgraphics.so

Hi all!
I used the OnlyOffice App with the Community Document Server App for quite a while in another instance and wanted to install it to my new nextcloud instance.

The instance is installed in a webhosting environment like my other instance.
I updated the instance from 19.0.3 to 10.0.5 and installed the OnlyOffice (6.1.0) and Community Document Server (0.1.8) App from the Appstore.

When i try to open a document it only says

ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin

I tried to reinstall it but it always comes to the same problem.

Does anyone have an idea what i can do?

I also created an issue on github for the community document server for this:

Thanks a lot!

How is this message related to Nextcloud or the document server? It is a normal OS specific message which indicated that a program cannot find a shared library on a system. Install the missing libgraphics package/library and the problem should be solved.

BTW, you can check the list of used library by using e.g. the command ldd ./x2t

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Hey j-ed!
Thank you for your response.

Sorry, that i was not able to see where this error comes from. As i wrote the nextcloud instance runs in a webhosing environment and i don’t have any access to the OS. And because the only differences to my running instance were the nextcloud, onlyoffice app and document server app versions, i thought it would be a problem there.

I talked to our webhoster and he will not install the libraries, because it is a shared server.

Can you or someone else think of another way to fix this without any access to the OS?

Afaik, it isn’t possible to modify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH In a shared environment. If you are able to compile the c2t program on you own, you could try to build a static binary which includes all required external binaries. But the question still remains, that you most likely won’t be able to copy the binary to the server afterwards.

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Hey j-ed.
Thank you again for your very fast response!

I’m definitely not able to do that on my own so i will check out some other ways to use documents in our cloud or maybe get the whole instance onto another server.

Thanks a lot again!

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This is actually a silly bug in Community Document Server 0.1.8. See here: ./x2t: error while loading shared libraries: libgraphics.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory · Issue #195 · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub


I checked out your post on github and was able to get it working again. Thanks a lot Plush!!!

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