Windows Client :: Unable to Write

When uploading a directory, the client displays a large red banner with the message: Unable to write and then it just stops and I have to click “force sync” to make it start again. It’s never able to upload the whole directory to the server. I don’t see this message in the server logs. I see lots of “expected X got Y” messages though.

What does this message mean? Can I get more detail?

Is this external storage? Can you upload via webinterface?
If it fails via client and webinterface, check the permissions on the file system first and make sure that the webserver user has enough permissions.

no, it’s not external storage.

Yes, I can upload via web interface.

I think it’s related to the file is locked report I filed.

This is a hosted Nextcloud server.

I had to contact the provider and have them “flush file locks”. They did and then it started uploading again and now it’s locked again.

I’m confused as to what I can do.

It’s on a fresh Win-10 install with a brand new Nextcloud client and it’s the only client using that account and still this happens. Also, the Nextcloud client just halts its operation and will not even retry after a while.

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