Windows client reboots without confirmation when installing update?

It happened for the second time. I got offered to upgrade to Nextcloud desktop 3.5.2 on Windows 11, I agreed, it then proceeded to close everything and reboot without asking or letting me save what i was doing.

This is normal??

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Mine did the same yesterday, while I was trying to work. This is a critical oversight that they need to change.

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This is already fixed in 3.5.2 and should not happen anymore on update to 3.5.3

See Do not require restarting the PC after installing with MSI installer · Issue #3551 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

it happened again in 3.5.3

it rebooted without any prompt, warning or confirmations

a behaviour like this was acceptable only during the windows 95 era, when setups were full screen and you weren’t supposed to do anything else during install and a reboot was always needed

update to 3.5.3

yes with me too, just ran the update via the client and it was first closed ff, then the explorer and then the pc restarted. All without notification.

imho with a huge bug like this, the update should not be pushed to clients, no matter what. Unless it fixes a huge security issue like “nextcloud 3.5.2 and lower allow RCE exploits and a botnet is taking advantage of it”

i’m forced to tell all users (in my case just four, but imagine if i was a university with 2000 users) “ignore nextcloud updates for now, don’t allow install for now” - which is a BIG security issue by itself, because they’ll ignore it for months or years in the future

edit: i see the changelog and doesn’t look like it’s an important update, just minor changes. Imho it should have been skipped/postponed until this big bug on windows was fixed

Here the same, Reboot without any confirmation from 3.5.x to 3.5.2 and to 3.5.3. Not so good, maybe the developers should think about code review.

Next Version, the same Reboot without asking or anything. Bad, very bad, Guys. Update from 3.5.3 to 3.5.4 with a reboot without asking. I#m not a deloper, but is it really so hard to remove this bug? Did you test nothing?

The reboot issue should be fixed in 3.5.4 according to this post Desktop client 3.5.3 - #2 by jospoortvliet

Update from 3.5.3 to 3.5.4 with a reboot without asking

the changelog says it’s fixed, but only for new installations. When you upgrade, they say it needs a reboot without confirmation before actually fixing it. I guess the bug resides in the updater script, and because we’re on old versions, it will still reboot.

This is mentioned in the long github issue thread, but not in the changelog

Hopefully this is the last time it will reboot without notice :grinning:

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I am a User, i didn’t read any changelogs. This is not the first issue with the developers. The should change their profession. :-1: :grimacing:

I just tried, if you ignore the update, but manually install the exe from here, Release Release 3.5.4 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub, it won’t reboot :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: (it asks for reboot, but you can deny it)

The Update from 3.5xx to 3.6 was ok, asking for a reboot, thanks to the developer. :wink: