Desktop client 3.5.3

The Desktop client team has released another minor release: 3.5.3. This version brings mostly small fixes in the UI and other areas.


  • Fix the system tray menu not being correctly replaced in setupContextMenu on GNOME github issue
  • Ensure call notification stays on top of other windows github issue
  • Work around issues with window positioning on Linux DEs, hardcode tray window to screen center when new account added github issue
  • Clean up systray methods, make more QML-friendly github issue
  • Refactor tray window opening code for clarity and efficiency github issue
  • Only set _FORTIFY_SOURCE when a higher level of this flag has not been set github issue
  • Limit concurrent notifications github issue
  • Take ints by value rather than reference in UserModel methods github issue
  • Respect skipAutoUpdateCheck in nextcloud.cfg with Sparkle on macOS github issue
  • Use preprocessor directive rather than normal ‘if’ for UNNotification types github issue
  • QML-ify the UserModel, use properties rather than setter methods github issue
  • Fix ActivityItemContent QML paintedWidth errors github issue
  • Stop clearing notifications when new notifications are received github issue
  • Ensure debug archive contents are readable by any user github issue
  • Stop styling QML unified search items hierarchically, use global Style constants github issue
  • Update macOS Info.plist github issue
  • print sync direction in SyncFileStatusTracker::slotAboutToPropagate github issue
  • Remove Ubuntu Impish, add Kinetic github issue
  • Ensure that throttled notifications still appear in tray activity model github issue
  • Make apps menu scrollable when content taller than available vertical space, preventing borking of layout github issue
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FYI we’re releasing a 3.5.4 with just 2 fixes related to installation on Windows:

This should resolve the need to reboot on update on Windows. I thought Windows always has to reboot when you install something but apparently not :rofl::v::penguin::fist:


Desktop client 3.5.4 is out.

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