Windows client broken after latest Windows updates?

Hi Gurus,

Having read almost every post about the Nextcloud Windows Client 2.3.3. failure to connect to server after reboot, I will very soon give up and return to OneDrive. I have spent way toooo many hours trying to fix this obvious problem so many others have described, and tried almost every suggested solution i can find in this forum.

Scenario (as so MANY others have described)

  • Install new account on Nextcloud Windows Client 2.3.3, running against Nextcloud 13 server
  • Set up syncing, works like a charm
  • Reboot PC, and the Nextcloud Windows client does NOT connect with the server
  • Web GUI started from the client (!) works without problem.
  • Remove account, reboot, configure it again - sync without problem
  • Reboot pc, Windows client refuses to connect to server

Tested with three Windows 10, latest update. Android client has no problems. Web GUI NP. Any WebDav client, NP. And yes, Windows WebClient service is started automatically and running.

Things like this should just work, right out of the box. You should not have to have master degree in Linux or Windows internals to set up a simple client. When will the dev team listen and realize that the Windows Client is BROKEN?

I dont have a answer, but…

Have you checked your log on the server to see if there’s a error?
Under setting -> logging

How are you logging in on the windows client? by email addess or user name.

I ask because there is a bug in the windows client. If you log in using email address it
will login but it will also fill your log with “failed login” messages every 5 minutes.

Logging in with “user name” does not report any failed logins

Just wondering if this issue is causing some problem when rebooting. Just
something to check.

Just use ownCloud. Newever versions. 2.4.2 is the newest I think and works perfectly.


Thanks for suggestions, but NO, both ownCloud and nextCloud desktop clients report NO connection to server, even if I can access the acounts via web UI on same ports.

Should anyone be interested, I have put the latest desktop client log here at pastebin:

The desktop client can obviously find the server, and seems to login. But then every action seems to timeout.

NetworkError(OperationCanceledError) Connection deadline exheeded? Please check your connection details, this includes DNS, Proxies, Firewalls & any AntiVirus Software. Is your host internal or external? We have 200+ Windows Clients running with Nextcloud Servers without problems


I’m reaching the server from the outside, i e I’m external, the server is local behind router, fw etc. I have checked as far as I can the there is an open channel from the outside to the server.

From the desktop client I can login, setup a sync pair (meaning I can browse the server) - but after that, the client tells me there is no connection. Of course I can also go via the web UI on the very same address and port.

So logically, the client switches some mode (?) after the login and folder pair setup, and then suddenly looses the connection? What does it do differently after the login, setup, folder browsing etc, when it begins synching? Why loose the connection at that moment, and not before?

I also find that Android app FolderSync Pro on three Androids syncs WebDAV beautifully (!) from the very same external network location, through the very same network, router, fw etc. Why can they sync, but not the Windows client?

Even if there are 200+ working client, you find quite many examples of in the forum with exactly my problem. A few depended on some kind of user error, but many never seemed to get an answer.

Would you please disable your Windows Firewall and any AntiVirus or Security Software on your Windows Client? Only to check if your Client App connection is blocked somehow by 3rd Party?

Hi Jacob and many thanks for your help!

I have disabled all AV and Firewalls on two PC:s, but to no avail. No connection. But setup and web still works well.

The following scenario is 100% repeatable:

  • Start with an empty setup, no connection defined, and thus no folder pairs
  • Define a connection, setup a folder pair
  • Syncing takes place with no errors or problems!
  • Reboot
  • The desktop client reports “No connection”, and nothing syncs
  • Web UI works without problems.
  • Remove connection, reboot
  • Start over again with the very same scenario and same result

I have been told that Windows is notoriously known for invalidating earlier WebDAV connections after a reboot. You have to remove the old connection and generate a new for each boot.

It seems to me as the NextCloud Windows Desktop Client either uses some (bad) Windows WebDAV framework, or behaves similarily bad as Windows on WebDAV connections. The connection is invalid and null after a reboot.

I’m running externally on an LTE mobile broadband (20-30Mb) which works well on other applications. Adroid FolderSync, WIndows DropBox and OneDrive has no problems whatsoever.

BR // Walt

Dear All, and especially NextCloud team, if you monitor this:

Is there any solution to the 100% repeatable problem I have described above in my last post? The Nextcloud Windows Client is obviously broken on Windows 10.

I hate to go back to OneDrive/Dropbox, but I must have a dependable and professional grade system for my sync needs, and if Nextcloud is not up to the task…?

BR // Walt

We have a similar problem (Windows 10): create an account on first start up: it works. After quit (really quit the client) and restart the account cannot log in anymore. We think it is due to certificates not being stored. Under linux (KDE) it works fine. In your case could it also be related to (self signed) certificates?