Windows 10 Server

I want to ask does Nextcloud server support Windows 10?
Never supported or an older version support?

do you mean a version that you can be installed on windows ? if it is so the answer is no. but you can install virtual pc app and then you can install linux on it and sure now you can install nextcloud on it.

You can use Docker ( containers (Nextcloud, MySql), then you don’t even have to touch the Win10 host system at all, everything’s running containerized and independently. Easy to setup without much hassle.
If you’re on Windows and prefer a GUI interface for Docker or aren’t that familiar with Docker, you can use Kitematic (, might make things even easier.
I use it for my Nextcloud instances (on Mac, Raspberry Pi host systems) and it works fine.


Another option is to use Virtualbox (its free). Download it, install it and then get the pre-built nextcloud and run it as a VM and you’re done!
This might be the easiest option I believe.


Thanks for all of your answers, you really help me a lot

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another approach might be to install it using docker:

I’m surprised nobody mentioned XAMPP (Apache2, MariaDB, PHP & Perl) for Windows.

@diego.rucci Well, because exactly this kind of setup is not supported.

So you cannot install the server software on Windows. Your options are to
run it in Docker, or to turn hyper-v feature on and run a Linux VM.

Hello Mathias,

I want to setup my NextCloud on my mini Winows 10 Server.

01. Setting up nextcloud with mariadb?
I got the latest docker and kitematic running & try to link containers of mariadb to the official nextcloud. That all doen’t work. Whenever I try to link the data to the mariadb container within the nc-initial setup the db isn’t there. And otherwise I can not connect to the mariaDB (“no such sql user oder data base”).

02. Availability over the internet?
Using SLQLite it’s all fine. I get a NC 13 and it work’s fine & fast. But only localhost:80. Whenever I try to reach it from the outsite, I can’t get any connection.

03. Editing containerd files
I can not add trusted domains in my NextCloud. Nor can I connect external storage,'cause the smb client is missing. Both could be edited if I could only access thefiles in the container. But I can not find them.

Short: I’d pay money if someone sets me this NC with external storage on my windows server using mariaDB so that everyone of my family could access this with the right link. I work in IT, but I have no knowledge here. I’m willig to learn. Who can help?

It won’t work well you will have problems with accent characters like è ê ë ę and some strange dutch characters too because windows don’t use utf-8 for his file system so it convert it into windows-1250 and it’s no good.
If you like windows server :
1- VM with a pre-installed nextcloud instance, or a start from scratch - install linux, configure, install webserver, database server and nextcloud
2- Docker for windows.

Support winserver2008~2012? Non-virtual machine?
Apache,php and mysql all of them had win version. Why nextcloud does not?

Try to install it on windows with apache php mysql and you will get problems with charset.
So except from a VM don’t use windows server.

In some years ago, Owncloud was compatible with Windows server but it got so many issues (wrong charsets for exemple) that it was discontinued.

I didn’t a lot of trouble to install Owncloud server on Mac OS X. But it give me a lot of work of tweaking.

So depending of your competances use :

1- Compatible Linux Distribution
2- A Virtual Machine with linux inside
3 - A pre made virtual machine - NextcloudVM
4- a pre-made hardware - NextcloudPi NextcloudBox

You don’t need Virtual Machines or any third party software to install the NextCloud on Windows 10. Just enable the Windows subsytem Linux, download the Ubuntu app and run couple of commands those are given in the Nextcloud documentation to install it on Ubuntu and after that you can enjoy the Nextcloud server natively with optimal performance on Windows 10. You can see this link:

Like mentioned before in this thread, the Nextcloud VM will get you a complete pre-built server with all the goodies included:

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How the file system is handled by windows and linux subsystem ?
Your data folder will suffer form the windows charset and files will get broken.

Use a VM on a windows environment or use nothing.

Hi NextCloud community. I took advice posted earlier and installed Kitematic and Docker Desktop, and installed the nextcloud container.

Can someone provide a “next steps” for this sort of deployment. I can’t find anything other than running the installation wizard via the localhost/nextcloud url, but that from my host machine will not find a site. Maybe there’s some more configuring that needs to be done first? Maybe binding the app or container to a port?


Hi There!

I’m sorry. I hope I’m not necroposting.

Is the essence of this situation that windows “support” (development, bugfixes, etc) was dropped purely because of charset issues? I.E. if an environment is an pure “ANSI, en-us, only 255 letters exist” situation, then there will be no issues with NextCloud?

(we’ll also pretend emoji’s don’t exist as they DONT belong in filenames)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply!

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Go and make a try :smiley:
You will see when you will have issue with charset

That was one of the issues for sure. The main issue was that no developer was actually using windows, and then there were a couple of bug reports with data loss. Some might been linked with the charset issue but I am not sure if there were other issues as well. And when they decided to stop windows support, they didn’t investigate further.
So you could probably run your own Windows version, but you have to watch out for bugs, do proper testing with each release, … it’s probably easier to learn linux.