Will there be several Nextcloud editions?

The recent interview of Frank and Jos on the LAS had an interesting part about fully supporting Calendar and Contacts and whether Nextcloud could be seen as a groupware solution.

I see no point in adding these groupware apps into the core product yet since there are much better solutions out there (best to let those solutions use files stored on NC), but some people have asked for it and it’s great for them that these apps will be fully supported.

So could we have different editions?

  • Nextcloud base
  • Nextcloud groupware (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, mail)

Each of these editions could come with Spreed.me as an addon.

Is the app store not sufficient? Because there won’t be a difference between the base version and the groupware version except additional apps.

Maybe adding an extra category “groupware” could be useful. But I think eventually everything in Nextcloud becomes groupware :smiley:


It would if you could install Spreed.me as an app per example, but that can’t be the case.
Also, the team may want to pre-configure a few things and it could be easier for newcomers to just install that groupware edition than to configure each app individually. Horde is a good example. You can install individual components or pick the groupware or webmail editions.

Maybe in a few years, but even then, I hope people will still be able to install the bloat-free edition :).

I would prefer that you can select at the installation which apps should be installed from the beginning.

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I was hinting that everything is focused on sharing and working together. (Sharing contacts, calendars etc)

I agree that when installed only a few apps must be enabled and include in the tarball. But I don’t believe it’s necessary to have a release which do include other apps, because we have the app store.

I agree with @LEDfan that eventually NC becomes NC Groupware. Still I also agree with you @oparoz that a ‘core’ installation would be nice for the more advanced users.

When you don’t need the contacts, calender app etc. maybe it could affect your overall performance and maybe it affects your security as well?

That and the fact that the first thing you need to do is disable a bunch of apps because you don’t want to get support questions about them.

@oparoz indeed, so I think it’s a really good idea to have a groupware edition and a core edition.

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Love this idea. Improve the mail app would be great as well

What is the problem?

Core is Core - App is App.
And when the NC firm supports/developes an App, it gets an official flag.
Like everywhere else… Pebble…Apple…Google…


It’s not that simple when an installation package is created, especially that now one goal is to bundle spreed.me with it.

But spreed.me is a very special application that should never be part of an xCloud core as only a very(!) small user base will use it.
I guess far less rhan calendar/contacts

It definately should be an app.
Contacts are different in my personal opinion (i would see it as core), but the app aproach also worked good there.

And if the app integration does not work, then the framework should be questioned if it needs more “connectors”

Dont you think so?

And it seems Frank agrees.

We probably won’t put Calendar, Contacts, Spreed and more into the release tar file itself.

I must have wrongly memorised the information. Support is not the same thing as include.

Hopefully it will stay that way :slight_smile:

Maybe if it was designed to show additional information about a user from the user management page.

I don’t think it’s a technical problem, it’s so much easier for people when they have something ready to be used from the start. One reason so many people are trying to use distro packages even though it’s usually a bad idea.

But do you really think clicking the menu to

Apps->recommended->scroll down->enable

Is that much confusion for admins?
If they manage to setup OC with all the challenges like SSL, portmappings, …
It should be ok

As I mentioned earlier, it would help to select all installed apps while the installation process. So you can choose what you want. The default should be no app is selected.


Enabling the app is the easy part, if you really want a groupware solution, you may want to show a configuration wizard. You may also want to bind some apps together, something which wouldn’t necessary make sense for people enabling these apps with a different goal in mind, etc.

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Got it :wink:
Is sounds like an “Admin-firstrun-wizzard” which should not be too difficult

Similar to the current one for users

Guys … I don’t understand what the exact problem with having the server (files, dav, administration, …) as “the core” … After the installation, you simple go to “+ Apps” and activate Mail, Calendar, Contacts or whatever you want … There is no need for an integration into the first-run-wizard or packing different editions :sweat_smile:

It’s all very easy … Easy enough :smile:


Exactly, it could even be designed to enable all the apps needed for a specific usage (except things like Spreed.me and CODE)

Its a luxury nice to have.
Killing time with ideas until NC is out :wink: