Will be now an OS X Server-Version?

It would be really nice, if there would be now a OS X - Server-Version?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I think the first priority should be to bring Nextcloud Server to work on Linux, before we think about supporting other operating systems :sweat_smile: …If there are any plans about supporting another OS, I think reintroducing support of Windows would be more important than OS X. :wink:


Hey mar1u5,

thanks for reply!
That Linux would be the first choice, it is ok, but that the OS X Server users are looking in the black hole again, this is not so fair; esp. that we have to use and install it under some not normal conditions! :cry:

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If you want to run PHP-Applications on OS X, you may want to take a look into the following:

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Thanks, but I think I confront myself with the Bitnami-Stacks :slight_smile:

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Mac OS X had a small fraction of users compared to the Linux version, probably even less than the Windows Server version. In addition it was very hard to work around unicode issues and it was deemed more important to focus on a working Linux version.

I doubt that this will be changed since there are enough other important issues and supporting less relevant platforms will hurt the overall project since people will have less time to work on other things. And you can always run Vagrant :wink:

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That answer should be added to the FAQ as a generic answer for features which only affect very few users. The best thing to do is to find people with the same needs and to create a team which can tackle the problem.

@oparoz Could I ask you to add such an entry to the faq category: https://help.nextcloud.com/c/faq


@MorrisJobke - I’m not allowed :wink:

Could you retry? I allowed now users of level 2 to write there.

Even though I haven’t made the jump to version 9 yet, I have been running and updating Owncloud through several versions (since 5 I think) on OS X Server without any issues that I recall.

I am not so interested in official OS X support, as much as Owncloud not changing so much where it can’t be coaxed to run on a random nix mamp setup like OS X.

Maybe there can be a sub forum, tag or something similar for unsupported servers where users will feel welcome to trade tips and experiment with what works?

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I think one problem on OS X is related to file names and another to unicode, a sub-forum for exotic platforms seem like a good idea.

While it appears to work, there are known issues that cause data loss. You’re on your own :wink:

Yea, I am aware of the unicode issue, but because I am in North America, umlauts are far and few between. :slight_smile: What other issues are there?

Of course there is Apple’s nutty implementation of everything… but it’s the server I have and it is simple to use and reliable. If I was brighter, I’d learn to do everything on Linux.

BTW, I love both the News app and the Gallery, they are both my most used apps, Thanks for making them! (Hey Oparoz, I would love if the Gallery app displayed IPTC info and previewed RAW files, specifically DNG – imagmagick works, but never did figure out what the commercial app that is needed)

True, but it’s also very easy nowadays to launch a VM which contains everything you need. It will be easier in the future with auto-updating OS.[quote=“MichaelS, post:14, topic:152”]
(Hey Oparoz, I would love if the Gallery app displayed IPTC info and previewed RAW files, specifically DNG – imagmagick works, but never did figure out what the commercial app that is needed)

IPTC info should be available this Autumn since there is a GSoC student working on image metadata management.
As for the commercial app, it doesn’t exist as it too difficult to get it funded. There is a discussion on the ownCloud forums about that.

Hello Every

I just came across NextCloud, setup some VMs and began testing.
My initial Goal was to run on macOS Server like you.
Maybe there are some Others?
I’m willing to spend Time for a Solution.

Can you open a matching Sub Forum where we can share our Configurations?

Best Regards

Hi @Germain there is no configuration to prevent data loss on MacOS. It is unsupported and opening a separate forum would encourage users to run it which is a bad idea IMHO

Hi @BernhardPosselt

As i understood so far:
The Whole Problem is based on the underlying NFD conversion which leads to inconsistent States in Database.


Hello together,

I have a related question to this topic:

How does the conversion Problem affect external shares?


I am currently running an unsupported setup (aka macOS Server) and want to transfer to a “supported” variant. So I decided to run nextcloud in the docker environment on macOS which basically means owncloud will be running on top of a linux kernel. The data however will still be residing on the HFS+ filesystem and will be connected to owncloud via the “external storage” plugin.
Both SMB and direct folder access offer the option to “deal with” the mac NFD conversion ( albeit warning for performance impacts).

But what does this mean/entail?

  • Is a setup using external shares with this option turned on completely safe?
  • How come this option is not available globally?
  • Where is the difference between external and internal data paths
  • Would it even be feasible to run a native macOS installation an just use external storage ?
    • Is this a valid workaround solution for macOS users?
  • Does it matter where the DB resides? (Native MySQL on macOS vs docker container)

Hoping for some helpful comments since I don’t have many options to move the actual data away from the HDDs connected to the server apart from virtual disk images …


I’ve managed a Owncloud 8 server on OS X server for a client. With the app Server for DNS and MAMP for apache php mysql.

I told him about the problem with some caracters so he was aware. Also the data where always backed up on a time machine.

Then i upgrade it on Owncloud 9.

the client didn’t want a linux server because it haven’t a GUI.

For the migration between Oc to Nextcloud i’ve made a VM with a linux server. So the client have the GUI of OS X with the ease to reboot vm, view the state of snapshots, backups etc… but with the stability of linux server.

For all my other clients, it’s linux server.
The first test i’ve made in production was owncloud 7 with windows 2012 r2 IIS server. It was a complete disaster. :wink: