Wifi acces from LAN : ok on computer but not ok on phone

Hi there !
I’m facing a problem with external access to nextcloud :
I have a domain name on no-ip (because my router has a dynamic ip). First I could acces only with my phone and 4G. I’ve partially solved this problem with dnsmasq and adding domain name in /etc/hosts so now I can access from my computer (wifi and ethernet) but still can’t access with my phone on wifi. It seems that it’s because my router can’t deal with nat loopback. Is there any workaround to this annoying problem ?
Thanks for your help

um… I’d say… there shouldn’t be any problem accessing your server via a no-ip.domain. There’s thousands of users doing that on a regular basis.

so it must be your serversetup and thus I’m afraid we’d need more infos about your setup…

please use search the problem has been discussed often