Why doesn't android client upload existing pictures?

Thanks for working on this @koying! :slight_smile: I looped in several people for further discussion on how to implement this from a UX perspective. Kudos for stepping up and working on this important feature!

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Is this change @ the android-app itself? How can i pull this into my installation?

Yes it is a change request for the Android client and as soon as it is completed and integrated into the main development branch for a release it’ll show up in the corresponding stable release. If you like to have this in your current installation then you would need to know your way around Android app development, run Android Studio, checkout the pull request, compile the app yourself and install it on your device.

Ok, thanks for your answer. I won’t take care of this android-world :wink: What do you thing in which timerange this will come to stable release at playstore?

I can only guess… From my point of view it is too late for the next stable, feature release (3.3.0) since that one is close to going into the RC phase end of August. So with the typical 2 month release cycle for feature releases it might then be part of 3.4.0 with has its RC phase around beginning of November, so mid of November if you are waiting for the stable release, beginning of November in case of the RCs (if you registered as a tester in the play store).
Fastest way would be to simultaneously install the Dev version available via f-droid where it will be available in the nightly build the day after the feature has been integrated with the actual development verion (as-in PR merged).

Any news about this feature?

Nope PR is still open and nobody foudn the time to push this forward, Sorry :frowning:

Your priorities are wrong. :expressionless:

Instead of beeing selfish, you may register on github and help developing a software you are using for free…

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Not all of the people who post here are developers and they should not try to fix it themselves. It is important to see what community wishes from the product and this forum is one way to show it.
And maybe I have misunderstood something but Nextcloud does offer paid services (hosted Nextcloud) so it is not just another poor open source project. They even have job listings on their webpage.

Speaking about the particular feature - it is such an important basic feature. Probably for a majority of casual users this is the most important feature they could wish for. If I can’t automatically upload all of my already taken photos from my mobile devices to Nextcloud right after installing the application - why would I even use it?

Nextcloud iOS application supports it and it works great. Not sure if the same feature on iOS was a community contribution and that is why it is missing on Android, or there simply is a lack of planning and each mobile version lives totally separate life without any coordination between the teams.


Photo upload works fine with my Android client? Even existing photos have uploaded without issue.

I know that what you are saying is false because the case is still open https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/285

I am new, here and to nextcloud.

I was disappointed, because there’s no way to make an initial sync from a client to the cloud. I don’t expect such basic property missing? To start with a cloud, you need to make a first sync from any device to the cloud - was my idea. After that, you continuosly sync.

In my case, I need to backup several mobile phones, with lot of communication and photos.

Some communication/chats are in a folder with hundrets of subfolders with some files per day. But it is also not possible to select complete folders and subfolders to upload, only files.
In order to back up i need to create hundrets of subfolders manually, and then copy the files in every subfolder one by one. Not practicable.

Then, in the photo dir, I have 15.000 photos. Here I could upload manually all of them, but the android app crashes, when trying to mark everything to copy. I could not evaluate the exact number, but something around 2.000 files seems to be the max limit. But it is impossible to mark one by one by hand and count the number of the files while that.

After buying a new Raspi and HDD for that cloud, I wonder now how to start, maybe WebDAV?

When syncing from a device to the cloud, did the app only compare local (in the device) a snapshot (filelist) from now (actual time) to filelist of last snapshot?
I mean comparing $this_snapshot(device) with $last_snapshot(device) results a numer of new files in $this_snapshot, so they are marked for uload to the cloud?
Because when you make a new snapshot just before syncing on the device and one snapshot in the cloud folder, the app would see there are lot of files not in the cloud, but on the device and mark them for upload.
$this_snapshot(device) comparing to $this_snapshot(cloud), then syncing one way or two way, as requested.

Sorry, my english is not so good :frowning:


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To all users who want this feature: Please donate through bountysource. 5$ is minimum. I sent 15$ and hope it will be realized in foreseeable time.

Your priorities are wrong.

@Janhouse How could you know that? I think that everyone that is using something for free can’t just complain like that judging the work of others!