While inspecting apps from withing Nextcloud, no indication of compatibility level

If one looks at an app in the store, there’s the section downloads, which albeit not declared as such, shows if an app is considered compatible or not with a particular nextcloud version. So if I see downloads only up until version 26 and I’m running 27, I know I’m on thin ice.
Similarly, if I see a download for version 27, I assume, it should work.

However, where I would love to see this, e.g. as “Nextcloud version X supported” or “Nextcloud version X not supported, last supported version Y” would be within settings/apps/ when clicking on an app to get the details/inspector side bar.
After upgrading from one version of NC to another, this would be very helpful to ferret out potential trouble makers.

I’m sorry I don’t get the point… Apps in the app store ships metadata and supported version are listed there… you can see supported versions as well:

you can even easily list all supported apps by version

definitely you you will not see many for NC27 now… but hopefully the list grows fast…