Which part of core/which app has a hardcoded path /var/www/nextcloud/data/tmp

hey devs,

i upgraded from a fresh nc 14.0.4 to 15.0.4 and now my errorlog got flooded with the following warning

Temporary directory /var/www/nextcloud/data/tmp is not present or writable

so i ssh’d to my nc and found out that this directory isn’t available (i have my data on an external drive and it works like a charm). so i mkdir’d one and now errors have gone. so this apparently solved my problem.

but since i never had any data in /data or /data/tmp I was wondering if and where this path got hardcoded - or how else it appeared in my system

happy hunting :wink:

nc 15.0.4.
php 7.2.13
mysql (mariadb) 10.1.37
Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 \n \l

PPS: any missing information(s) needed? just ask

Has been answered on github and here already.
Where did you search before asking here?

aww. you’re right… i didn’t check it before. i was sure that it was so unique that i really forgot about that point.
sorry for causing troubles here. it makes me feel ashamed.