Where to change translation of wellcome message

I use Register to allow new users to be registered. After verification e-mail is done and the new user has registered name and password he meets a message "Your account has been successfully… "

I wa<nt to translate that to swedish. I have access to Transifex but do not know in which resource I shold look for this sentence.

Hello @rollanders,

did a quick search on 12821 strings at transifex and could not find the string

Is that exactly the spelling?

Could you provide a screenshot?

With grep I localised it to /var/www/nextcloud/apps/registration/l10n/uk.json: “Your account has been successfully created, you can <a href=”{link}">log in now."

But I cannot find Transifex for the Registration app


Most likely you are referring to the 3rd-party Registration app which has its own repository where you can address translation issues.

Hey @j-ed glad you found the repo.

@rollanders You need to join the owncloud project on Transifex and there you will find the strings to translate.

See https://www.transifex.com/owncloud-org/owncloud/viewstrings/#sv/registration/116906769