Where i can to find a tutorial for Deck app?

The University of Quindio has adopted Nextcloud as its platform for private cloud and is very interested in the Deck application for the management of projects of a working group of 30 people. I want to know if this app allows you to manage tasks of a group of that number of people for a common project and if there is a manual or tutorial that allows us to study to perform several tests on the Deck app. Thank you very much for your attention and support.

On a quick search, I couldn’t find a detailed manual for this app. It is relatively young but quickly found a larger community and is evolving. Here are just the changes for the latest version: Call for testing - Deck 0.5 Beta

There are probably no software limits regarding the number of users, so feel free to test it a bit yourself and report issues if you find some. I hope a few more advances users of the deck app can give you a bit more details.

As @tflidd said, we don’t have any user documentation right now. Any contributions regarding that would be very welcome of course.

Hello !

With a group of several people, we worked on a user documentation :slight_smile:
It’s not finished but what will you prefer ? a markdown file in github is ok ?


@quentin370 That is really great to hear. Feel free to open a pull request to add that to the deck repository at: https://github.com/nextcloud/deck/tree/master/docs

Then it will be included in our documentation at https://deck.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

Hop !
Here is the PR : https://github.com/nextcloud/deck/pull/936
Ready to do the same thing in french when you’ll tell me if it’s ok :slight_smile:

Interested in some German user documentation?

I’m sure no one will say no to translated documentation :slightly_smiling_face:

I have created a Deck Tutorial (in german language) with images, maybe it’s helpfull for some people:
Deck (nextcoud) tutorial (in german language)