Call for testing - Deck 0.5 Beta


I’m glad to announce that the the first beta of the next version of Deck has just been released. To make sure everything works out nice, I call out for testing the prerelease version. If you find any bugs, please report them in our GitHub issue tracker.

Here is a summary on what's new for version 0.5:


  • Activity stream for board and cards
  • Comments on cards
  • Compact display mode
  • Card title inline editing
  • Empty content view for board lists
  • Undo for card and stack deletion
  • Show tag name on board
  • Use users locale format on date picker
  • Notify users about card assignments
  • Add shortcut to assign a card to yourself
  • Improved view for printing


  • Accesibility improvements
  • Don’t allow empty card titles

A special thank you goes to all contributors who spent time on providing awesome enhancements and bugfixes. This release wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. :clap:

No big problems are expected but be sure to not use any beta on production systems if you don’t have proper backups. :wink: You should have backups for any system of course.

Sadly nightly releases need manual work to be installed but that is just three simple steps:


I am the sysadmin for my employer’s on-site Nextcloud server. This week I tested Deck and loved it so much I installed the 0.5 beta. Despite the resulting integrity check failure, the beta works well. No bugs. Being new to Deck, my only confusion is about the Manage user permission. It is not clear at all what the Manage permission is supposed to do. Only add/insert/delete tags? Then call it “Manage Tags”. And remove the misleading check boxes in the Sharing interface.

Thanks for your feedback on this. Yes this is really something we can improve on. Would you mind to create an issue for this in our bug tracker on github:

I would like to report that 0.5-rc2 is working very well, including the ‘description’ field and checkboxes. Thank you!

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