Where can I find the clients that do e2e?

I have a 13 server and read somewhere that I will need specific clients but don’t know where to get them.

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Thanks for the link!
is there no e2e client for Android, yet?

It’s included in the Android Nextcloud Client

Find more E2E stuff in here

Great, thanks. So I seem to have it set up but the android client just tells me that “You are not permitted to upload to this folder” for all encrypted folders. How do I fix that?

Sorry. No idea from my side…

Does e2e work for you?

At the moment I have it running only on my Android phone. It works there.

Could you recap the steps you did to set it up? Maybe I missed something stupid? :slight_smile:

In the Android App create a folder - tap the 3-dot-menue - choose “set as encrypted” (sorry I only have the german version … I don’t know if it’s the exact wording). Finished.

You can access the folder over the app - but not in the webinterface. I have no working desktop client at the moment.

And how did you set things up on the server side?

Is the Android app you are using the Playstore version?

Install this App https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/end_to_end_encryption

And then the NC Android App 3.0.1