Where are your Git repositories to help?

We are still in the progress of setting up our infrastructure and processes. Once we have more information we will update this topic with information on how to contribute to the code.

To share a little bit more information already: We are very likely to use GitHub again.


Perhaps the community favors gitlab ^^
(it has confidential issues)

Are you open for helping out hosting it?

And one of the biggest arguments was that on GitHub the barrier to contribute is a lot lower.

I might be able to help with hosting. But yeah Github might be easier, but with gitlab a github login is possible.

I also like Gitlab (especially their extended feature set, compared to Github).
But projects on Github have a better discoverability and more people might participate, as it is more widely used.

@MorrisJobke did you consider gitlab.com instead of self-hosting?

I only heard, that the gitlab.com hosting is extremely slow (maybe only applies to the free tier) …

But then it’s also questionable why we should move to that hosted platform.

That’s exactly one of the reasons why I’m in favour of GitHub. Gitlab just doesn’t have that traction yet and moving to “yet another platform” might also jeopardize the contributors we already had in the past on the ownCloud organization.


I can confirm gitlab.com has “slow” times. Self-hosting can solve it but do not underestimate the work of a up-to-date gitlab server (release every month). I run some gitlab server for customers you cant do that without automation.

+1 for github


Yeah gitlab.com is too big an installation for the short-term to be speedy enough. So if we decide, we need to selfhost.
True we might loose contributors, but does it in turn bring better efficiency and perhaps the right contributors?

I just wanted to get an alternative proposed now to prevent us switching after a few months.

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Yeah maintaining gitlab is not trivial, but as I run a few myself, it’s manageable.

Gitlab.com is the EE and has no payed tier. All projects are handled the same. Difference is only for self hosted versions and support.

Aside from where the new repositories are stored, what about issues and pull requests ?
Will these be retained ? Technically it would probably be easier if you stay on GitHub too.

Gitlab.com instances are a little bit slow compared to github, and SSH push are especially slow compared to self hosting, but i think github (unlike it’s not free) has a huge community. But you can also sync gitlab.com project with github

are there any founded arguments against github? I think change the hosting platform does not make sense if there are no disturbing problems with the old one.

For full transparency, we’ve created https://github.com/nextcloud but don’t have any code up there yet. We will work the next days on getting the code base up and running.

Thanks for all your patience and help! And let us know if you’re interested in joining the Nextcloud organisation on Github! :rocket: :tada: :smile:

Gitlab is open source and therefore could be seen as closer to the vision of the open source community. It has some additional features and the best time for a switch would be know as there is no old repository yet. That’s why this was started as a discussion now and not in 6 months.

I think it’s a good argument that Gitlab is open source!


  1. It seems (several users proved that) sometimes Gitlab is very slow.
  2. Host Gitlab on nextcloud servers is a difficult and a very time-consuming job that could reduce the efficiency of nextcloud development.
  3. Imho Github has a bigger community which could be a great benefit for the software.

Using the open source argument for Gitlab is an ideological way to discuss.
Mainly we have to consider what is the best choice for the community and the software itself. In my opinion Github would be the best decision. :slight_smile:

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As long as we had the discussion, I am ok with Github.

Just a few answers:

  1. Yes Gitlab is sometimes slow, but that is only the hosted version as it has a huge repo count etc.
  2. Every self hosted asset is consuming time. It’s a compromise. Discourse might have not been self hosted, but it was worth the effort.
  3. Gitlab can provide a Github login, so at least the user accounts from the Github community can be leveraged. Still might be imperfect.

The open source argument should probably only be a value add and not enforce a decision.

As said above, as long as the discussion was there and the better part of the community agrees to stay on Github. Great. One might always switch later, if anything changes.


One argument might be the possibility to import all old issues, PRs, comments etc. and then grow from there. But that let’s us start with clutter. Could be a pro and a con.