Where are the playlist files saved?

I want my RPI Nextcloud Server to play Playlists offline. Therefor I need to know where I can find the files of the playlists I have created within the app (m3u8 files maybe?).

Thanks for your help

I would like to know this too


  • when you have a m3u file with relative paths, it will be read from AP
  • when you create a custom playlist, this information is only available in the database

what you are asking, if I am correct, is that AP provides a playlist file to the user.
In fact this is an older idea but with a much bigger use case than yours.

currently, all titles are played via the soundmanager, which is a javascript. iOS does not allow JS execution when the device is locked. due to this, only the current title is playing and then the playback stopps.
if AP would provide everything via a m3u file, it might be able to continue

…at the end, it would be possible. but there would be some development involved and the time is a little limited :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oooh yess of course its saved there… Well then I will just export the playlist with a Python Script which connects to the mysql database. This will do the job for me.
Thank you Sir!

I’m looking for a solution as well - but I have to apologize, my knowledge on Python as well as DB connect is very limited. Any chance you can share your script and a description on usage?
Thanks a lot in advance!