Where are the files saved

I actually don’t want to use double the storage for the backup, I just want to the where are the files stored that I upload to nextcloud. how will I recover it if nextcloud crashes or something. so I can use winscp to find the files. I tried looking for the files, I can’t find it.

This is a bad idea, and will cause you data loss sooner or later, unless Nextcloud is already the backup target for files that are stored / used somewhere else. Note: Synchronization via desktop client does not count as backup, because if you accidentally delete something at one end, it will also be deleted at the other end.

Furthermore, your Nextcloud crashing is by far not the worst thing that can happen. What are you going to do if the disk goes bad where your data is stored on? Is the data at least stored on a RAID array with fault tolerance? Btw. even that should not be considered as a backup.

They are stored in Nextcloud’s data directory. Where that directory is located depends on how you installed Nextcloud. On a manual installation, it will be in Nextcloud’s installation directory, unless you have chosen a different location while setting up your Nextcloud.

Hi Anirudh,

why did you open this thread? You allready have a thread about your Issue here I am trying to backup nextcloud, but can't find www folder in truenas files

I gave you your answer where you should look on your truenas core setup and it does not help, when you open multiple threads about the same question without providing any information about your setup. Or did you setup a new Nextcloud on a dedicated server?

So i have a machine running truenas, and nextcloud is my nas option/ backup. I want to store everything there and delete it from my computer and phone. And i have raid setup.

  1. What is the best way to backup nextcloud… you know if it crashes while updating or something…

  2. and if I cannot retrieve the files manually what is the best way because to backup coz it will use double the storage. So I am basically left with half the storage you know?

Sorry I just thought its not under right category, and my nextcloud is on a server running truenas core. Its for my nas i dont wanna pay for iCloud

The category can be changed.

And I gave you the answer where your files are located.

You should look for special backup solutions from and for truenas.

This would be a good starting point if nobody from here can help you:

Well that’s the whole point of backups. The same data is stored multiple times on multiple separate devices, in case something happens to one of the the other devices. I personally have backups of all my VMs and data on a separate NAS and additionly encrypted backups in the cloud of my most important data.

RAID is not a backup, and while ZFS is a very robust file system, I wouldn’t rely on that alone. What are you going to do if two or three drives fail at the same time? Also, with today’s drive sizes, a resilver process can take several hours or even days to complete. During this time, all the disks are under increased load, and there is a realistic chance that another drive will fail before the process is completed, especially if all drives are of the same type and were purchased at the same time.

Other scenarios where RAID doesn’t help: User error, fire, burglary, well with the latter two, a local backup doesn’t help either, so there should be an off-site backup of the most important data as well

No, you would add as much storage as you need to back your important stuff up, on at least one separate device.

Ideally, you would follow the 3-2-1 backup rule, which says: There should be 3 copies, on 2 different media, with 1 copy being off-site.

So in a typical home user or small business scenario this could translate to backing up the important data to a second NAS server or to one or multiple USB disks, for quick restore or access, in case the main NAS suffers data loss. This would then be complemented with a cloud backup of the most important data, in case a catastrophic event happens.