I am trying to backup nextcloud, but can't find www folder in truenas files

I am following this video

I tried winscp with root id and password, wasn’t working, did some googling and found cant use root id and pass, so now i am using a different creds, and I am able to use winscp but under /var there is no www folder, where is it? I can’t find it, is at a different location or is it a permissions issue??? its truenas core btw…

That Video is about a normal server installation on barre metal linux. Truenas is a complete other thing. Truenas works with jails. Jails are lightweight virtualizations that isolate one or multiple services from the host TrueNAS system. So you wil have to follow backup solutions made for Truenas.

thank you, I actually don’t want to use double the storage for the backup, I just want to the where are the files stored that I upload to nextcloud. how will I recover it if nextcloud crashes or something. so I can use winscp to find the files. I tried looking for the files, I can’t find it.

Without using truenas myself, I would expect them in the data storage pool assigned to the jail.

Normaly your files are stored in a dataset called files on your storage pool. If you don’t find it there, do iocage fstab -l nextcloud and see which datasets you have mounted as storage to your jail.

(or simply look in the fstab file you listed above)