When will virtual files be available for mac client?

Hi everyone!

Since April 2021 they launched this magnificent option for Windows computers.
I bought that it can be activated in “experimental” mode and I have used it and I liked it but the experimental mode I am afraid of losing files or that there are problems.

Is it known when virtual files will be released (offline) for the Nextcloud client for Mac?

I am excited to have this “officially”


For example:

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I’m not aware of any official announcement yet. There is a topic about a better integration:

They asked to test it. In case you find problems, it would be good to report it via bug tracker, so they see what still isn’t working great and other user can see a bit of feedback for the mac version.

Is there an update on the topic or any news? Maybe even a date when the feature will be included in the mac client?

Many thanks in advance.

Sorry i do not use mac client. But perhaps it is already an experimental option.

showExperimentalOptions=true in nextcloud.cfg

MacOS Virtual File (Experimental) - Image Preview · Issue #4335 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub
Help test our desktop client! - #8 by fifh

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I do have same problem, this feature is not available for macos . i am running latest version 3.5.1

when this feature will be available for macos? as it use a lot of space on my computer for no reason

Hi, I would also like this implementation. Is there any update on its availability?

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Check out the linked github topic. They are working on it but don’t give specific dates. As enterprise customer, you can perhaps get more details on the planning.
Even for Windows is was announces and it take quite some while to get it through all the testing.