What is this Nextcloud "folder"?

I want to use nextcloud as my main cloud provider for files and calendar. With the calendar I’m having some major problems, but I also wonder about the file sync.

I’ve added my installation to my Gnome Online Accounts in the settings window. I wonder how I should sync my Documents folder though. Things I have on my computer are not synced to my nextcloud installation. I do see an icon on my desktop though, which seems to be a shared folder:

Schermafdruk van 2018-04-09 16-12-09

I can open it in Nautilus and it contains all the files from my nextcloud installtion. Isn’t there a possibility to sync the Documents folder from Owncloud with my local documents folder? Similarly I want to sync some more local folders to my nextcloud installation, such as Images, Work and Other.

Could anybody give me a tip on how I can sync specific folders to owncloud from my Ubuntu Gnome desktop?

Oh, and if anybody could help me out with the calendar as well, that would be really awesome.

You can connect by WEBDAV, at the bottom of the left side you can see the adress. That Adress you can use as a Network Drive …
The Calendar klick at the 3 dots and you get the share adress, that adress you have to use for your phone.

True, you can connect using WEBDAV. But if you’re looking for sync functionality, I would strongly recommend the Nextcloud client: https://nextcloud.com/install/#install-clients (choose the Linux AppImage option)
When you first set it up, be careful to sync the individual folders you want synced, otherwise you can just sync the entire account with one local folder.

Awesome, thanks!

Would you possibly also have an idea how I can sync my calendar? => Nextcloud only syncs one way with Gnome Calendar