What is latest Nextcloud release

Hi and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I have nextcloud installed on a FreeBSD host. I’m currently on 19.04 on the stable channel. I’m aware version Nextcloud 20 has been released however I’m not sure if this is in the stable channel thus yet. I usually use the web updater for controlling updates. So far the web update utility says I’m up to date. I’m wonder if version20 has made it into the stable channel?

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Hmm. Timely question as I had to uninstall nextcloud on a FreeBSD host when it stopped working. And a reinstall on the latest release fails to initialize the database, just to create the admin account. Command line or web UI, no difference. The web updater has never worked either, always had to manually fetch the zipfile and more often than not, just redo it all from scratch. I feel very unlucky if you have not seen these problems.

as with last upgrade from 18 to 19, Nextcloud team “delivers” in the stable stream in a timely manner to smooth the load on the servers…

If I well remember the mail, it has been said in the release mail.

More over be aware that some applications are yet not compatibles.


Nextcloud makes new versions incrementally available to user installations in the Stable channel. When a major new version comes out, we wait about one week and only when no problems are found we start the roll out in steps of about 20% of our user base per week. In practice this means a new release is typically only available in the stable channel after the first minor release. Users can always upgrade sooner by choosing the beta channel, which typically tracks stable releases immediately after publishing.

tldr: if your admin panel says you’re up to date, you’re up to date

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Well, it is exactly 5 weeks since 20.0 has been released. 20% per week should be 100%, right?

So for more than month there is “stable” release 20, that is still denied to some users. Honestly, I have never seen this with any other software. Either it is stable for everyone, or not stable for anybody…

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In the description of the stable release it sais “We are very careful about new major releases, usually only making them available after the first minor bug fix release.”
I understand this that you may have to wait until most bugs are fixed. I also remain on 19.0.4 in the stable channel. I do not worry about that. I can wait for the bugs to be cleared.

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They said “When a major new version comes out, we wait about one week
and only when no problems are found we start the roll out in steps of
about 20% of our user base per week.”

So that’s one week, then five weeks. Adds up to six.

If you cannot wait for it to appear on the stable channel you can get it on the beta channel. NC 20.0.1 is there.

Yea I saw that if I switched channels. Just a quick question and not to start a flame ware. 20.0.1 is listed in the beta channel – however as per posts above – they said a new version (such as 20) wouldn’t be listed in the stable channel until the first point release. Is 20.0.1 the first point release or is 20.1 the first point release?

The answer is here https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://help.nextcloud.com/t/production-channel-removal/64223/11&ved=2ahUKEwjb3KaiivLsAhVmpYsKHdVyA5IQ4-4CMAJ6BAgPEAk&usg=AOvVaw24L4gsWXamjVb4Rj5tQUHO

If you wait another week or so you can get NC 20.0.2 with more bugs fixed.

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Thanks for explanation, but honestly I’m quoting from your link:

  • Usually, the .1 or even the .2 release was the first that was put on stable, and only then incrementally. Once I think we only did the .3 release…

So what does this actually mean? Could the explanation be any more vague? I guess all I’m asking is when does 20 (or any version actually) make it to the stable channel. I thought this was an easy question but it turns out the answer to this question isn’t exactly a straightforward answer.

Just don’t update NC until version 20.0.2 or even 20.0.3 is available. You will save yourself from many problems.


My take on this - you can choose between taking a larger risk by upgrading from the beta channel or take a smaller risk by waiting for the stable version. Any version will have issues but they get fewer for each version. If you absolutely want the latest functions you are free to take the risk of upgrading from the beta channel.

If you have a small user-base you may be willing to take the risk of an early upgrade but with a larger user-base you are more cautious. I have had issues with upgrades of apps. It happens that an issue is detected rapidly and a new version of an app will come only weeks after an upgrade. I therefore usually wait some weeks for any upgrade, server or apps.

I always test any upgrade on a testserver first, and I do a snapshot on the production server before upgrade.

However my impression is that the .0 versions are getting better an better, but I would always wait for the .1 version, and this time for the .2 version as it is getting rather close.


Sorry, it is vague description and we don’t know exactly when it is changed. I’d guess for the current 20.0.1 release, there were already a few bugs known that make it only in the 20.0.2 release where is a risk that these bugs will spike up in enough setups, so they decided to delay the rollout. Here is the list of fixes applied in the next minor release:
https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pulls?q=is%3Apr+milestone%3A"Nextcloud+20.0.2"+is%3Aopen (also check the already closed ones).

As far as I know, there is no github issue that discusses the update of the stable channel, where you can see what is holding the release back.


I once had an issue where I wouldn’t be offered NC’s new release because I was lacking a new dependency (my php version was too old). It tooks me weeks to discover this and a simple php upgrade solved the issue and get me offered NC’s latest version.

What you can do to be sure you’re not running into the same problem is switch to the beta channel and see if you get offered NC 20. If not, you’re running into such a dependency issue. If yes, just switch back to the stable channel and wait a little bit more until you get offered NC 20 on that channel.




Thank you for that idea… I have similar set up as OP. And it is near impossible to tell if something is off or as intended. This at least tests that.

Just change the channel to beta and look if you find a stable version of Nextcloud 20 . In my case Nextcloud 20.1 and install it at usally . Than change back ti stable.


Hi , I have to stay on 19.04 until updating to php 7.3. First I have to update the OS. I’ll take openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling release for the next server. Web-updater works fine so far .

Yes if I change to beta channel I can see Nextcloud 20 listed. If I change back to stable I see 19.0.4 listed. Thanks

Yes but if you are on 18.04 or older linux then youre MySql/php may not be new enough. You can use a ppa for newer versions. Or upgrade your server. Then 20 will show up. It is stable.