What is included in the Nextcloud Selfhosting package?

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On this comparision page ( Comparison – Nextcloud ) some products show a $-sign which probably means, that some features are paid-features. For Nextcloud nothing seems to be a paid feature. But Nextcloud Talk and the different browser based office solutions have a Pricing info on the website.

I think nextcloud could and should be a little bit more precise here, because I am now a little lost and confused.

If I download nextcloud and host it on my server, will I be able to use talk and work collaboratively on office files in the browser?

i think there is a limit to the total number of users in the unpaid version of collabora online - i’m sure you can find it in the online docs somewhere. Everything else can be used w/out paying afaik.

All features are free. But there are a few limitations regarding to the number of users possible at the same time in the Online Office applications and Nexctloud Talk. I think there is a 20 User limit in the free version of Collabora. If you have more than 20 users that need to use Collabora at the same time, you can buy a subscription here… Subscriptions - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

With Talk, the situation is a little bit different. Talk uses WebRTC for videoconferencing. WebRTC has certain limitations in how the technology works itself. You can avoid these limitations by installing the so called “High Performance Backend”. You can either do this yourself (all components are open source) or you can buy it as a service, which is then called “Nextcloud Talk Enterprise” Nextcloud Talk: Private communication, anywhere – Nextcloud

Other than that, there are no limitations.

It doesn’t need to get installed on a different server. E.g. the NcVM provides this option as an addition that can get installed in the same VM/on the same server: Nextcloud Talk Signaling Server - now automated installation

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Thanks for the clarification. I have corrected it.

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