What engine the forum is using?

For years i used forum like php-bb, phpnuke , simple machine or Burning Board as an Admin and User …

Those old fashion board are structural, clear to read, easy to use.

The nexcloud forum is more like a non-sense feed of unrelated stuff witch give more difficulty to dig or isolate same ideas/subject … yes, i saw the dropdown list left top, but you knox, colors and tatse …

So, i would like to know what kind of engine it use, in order to avoid it or to deter it when a customers of mine want to use it.

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I will test it asap on a vm to be sure about the hellish classification my mind did !!!

On the install side, it pretty straight forward. took me less that 3 minutes to set up a functional discourse board. To be honest, i don’t even believe we should call this a board, a feed is better suited.

The admin side is easy to use, clear. Nothing to say.

The client user side:
I definitely don’t like Discourse on this feed aspect, ( or the way it is handle our community ) … the addition of endless feed of messages, plus 18 categories and 50+ subcategories , with some colortag stuff who looks alike is a total mess.

It is like all my life my mom told me to have a nice clean organized room, with boxes for socks, for shirts and for pants, and suddenly all that organization is dismiss and i can put all of them in the same box. And furthermore, i don’t have to assemble the socks in pairs. See me point here.

Sorry, discourse could be a nice young tools for discussion but honestly, it is utterly unreadable because it is illogically structured. SPOCK, we need you here !!!

And with no logical structure, you add a 50+ categories to sort the feed !!! , hell hell and hell !!!

So, i will continue to use this tool, but i really dont like it !!!

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Just answer to Nextcloud 13 and Google Drive?
why ??
because the feed is a mess !
it’s my last grunts

The issue with the old phpbb board that it was not very “modern”. With the fixed categories, bad spam recognition, there was quite some effort by administrators to keep the forum organized. That is easier now, however it tends to be a bit messy.

I sometimes find it hard to find things, so when you want to refer to some topic you saw about 3 weeks ago. When you use the tags and the different topics, you get the mess a bit filtered, that can help. But often everything ends up in one box and you have to go through it.

There was already a topic about someone complaining about discourse … just can’t find it :smiley:

This one?

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dont worry, i just love to complain, … once …

After that, on the admin side, its pretty stric forward to manage … so i guess “taste and color” :slight_smile: