Great forum! The best seen around!

Nextcloud has by far the best forum GUI/technology/UX/… I don’t know how to call that.

I guess these are many features integrated from recent techs, anyway:

  • Great welcome from the bot that nicely teaches a few tips and makes fun rewards.
  • Great French translation.
  • Lots of usability, many well thought details.

I hope it’s also used by an active and helpful community… :wink:

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In case you didn’t realise, Free software running this forum is released under the GPL and is called Discourse.

Based on a comprehensive review of cloud platforms, it seems that there are no new forum software, so I would like to summarize: The design of Discourse is way better than any of the ones suggested by contributors to the topic above. If you would like to make the design of the forum even better, you could try to post something in Love Nextcloud - a discussion about Forum design. Admittedly, I am one among the silent majority of NCloud users who aren’t serious enough about Discourse, i.e the software running the forum, to offer organized and thoughtful suggestions there yet remain deferential to the traditions of that community.