What could be the reason for an empty set of apps categories?

I cannot add any apps because the categories are missing:


Are the categories sourced from Internet? I am asking because my server claims not having access to Internet (which is not true)

Yes, afaik the data is taken from the app store on the internet.

Hi, I am having the same issue. No apps are listed in the categories.
Did you find a solution?
Thank you!

Ah. I did find the solution but forgot in the meantime :frowning: Sorry, I should have updated the question as I usually di but I was struggling with more issues.

If I remember well, this was due to the app “dashboard” being active - this is something that appeared in the version 20 to whcih I was upgraded spontaneously (one of the reasons to not use :latest in docker containers)

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I do not have “dashboard” activated.
I guess I will need to check app by app then.

This is an app that was enabled by default on 20 (I did not have it either before). Now that thing of it, the app was a problem because my Nextcloud window was almost empty (white, with some elements here and there)

One other thing I remember: you do not have a proxy set up in the config? I vaguely remember that this was maybe this that caused the issue.

The core of the problem is that Nextcloud did not have acces to Internet. I tested from the container and it was fine, just to discover later thaht I added a proxy entry in the configuration (through which it was trying to reach the app urls). I am starting to remember :slight_smile:

You need access to Internet for the apps - they are sourced from there

And suddenly, by magic, the categories have content.
No idea why it works now.

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