Welcome Roundcube folks!

Hi all! You might be here because you saw the big news. If not, or if you want to get more background, I really recommend you read the interview with Thomas & Frank.

So, if you have questions - ask. I can’t promise to look every day as we’re of course busy with both Nextcloud AND Roundcube, but we will try.

Also, if you’re looking to work on Roundcube, especially if you’ve already contributed in the past - we’d LOVE to get you on board. Send us your resume, see Nextcloud is looking for people who want to join our team

And yes, I know, it doesn’t say ‘Roundcube developer’ there, so you might wonder what the required qualifications are and what we offer. Well, I’m not HR, but I can give you some insights.

First, read the Jobs page - there’s a FAQ there as well. And read an engineering-related role to get an idea of what kind of roles we have. And check our about page to learn about our company.

Summarizing what I hope you will learn there: we’re a true open source company, we’re a crew with a mission, we grow FAST (+50% every year, often more) and are fully self-funded. No venture capital looking for an exit here, no sir.
We think diversity makes us stronger - you don’t have to conform to any cliche to be a good coder! The most important thing: we want to make an impact. So if you want to do that, too, send us your resume!


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