How do I integrate Roundcube with Nextcloud?

Based on the articles I’ve read, there is no intention to merge products at this time. I certainly understand that with the offerings that are already available in Nextcloud. However I was wondering if there would be ability to have Roundcube as an optional app within Nextcloud. Currently we use the SnappyMail app and I understand that Roundcube used to be in the app store as well. Is that a part of any discussion at this point? We are using iRedMail as a companion mail server for Nextcloud and it already has the Roundcube instance. If there was anyway to take advantage of the separate installation in a wrapper solution that would be fine with me if that makes it more efficient. Just curious what you all are thinking along these lines.

There are already 3 apps available for this, but two of them appear abandoned:

Here is the version with the wrapper and SSO

Seems this one also needs some dev love according to Issues · rotdrop/nextcloud-roundcube · GitHub