WebDAV does not properly automatically login on Windows 10 restart

Everything is going along swimmingly with my new NextCloud installation except every time I restart the computer it gives me an error message saying it didn’t correct properly and then I have to relogin.

It remembers the connection properly. It logs in no problem. I always click “remember my credentials” in the little login box, but every time it still just won’t login automatically.

Additionally, when I pull up the little login screen it’s got a bunch of Microsoft related information, as it had tried to login in under my Windows account name or something.

Any clues on what I might be doing wrong here? I’ve followed the NextCloud 13 WebDav guide to a tee and it’s functioning quite well except for this one minor thing.

Pls see

which might be the same problem? I find the Desktop client broken after some late Windows update. The client seems (?) to use some Windows internals for WebDAV, which have bad reputation according consulted programmers.


Windows is certainly a finicky beast but I feel there’s got to be something else going on here that can be fixed.

Anyway I restarted my computer again so I figured I might as well grab a pic of what my login screen looks like when I first click to connect:

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I am in the same case, any solution ?

@Lunik971 Yes, I found that switching to a 3rd party FS Webdav mounting app helped me. I am using RaiDrive which is not open source but is free. Works like a charm.

I know this is an old post but I found it in my search to resolve this problem. This is from a Window7 support page so I believe it might be relevant to the issue. No resolution yet but maybe some insight.

The solution might have to be on Nextcloud if you wish to continue using Internal Windows webDAV support.

"Starting in Windows 7, Basic Authentication cannot be persisted by the Credential Manager. The only method to reconnect in Basic Authentication mode is to disconnect and reconnect the drive . This is because WinHttp Cannot retrieve saved Basic Authentication or Digest Authentication credentials.

For persistent connections, make sure that an authentication scheme is selected that enables persistent credentials through a restart. For example, Kerberos enables persistent credentials for authentication or certificate-based authentication."