Web updater from NC 16.0.4 to 17 doesn't work with group folders. Use command line

Updated several instances of NC using web updater.

From 16.0.5 was ok.
From 16.0.4 after first stage (to continue with web update) page doesn’t work (Internal error 500). Had to use occ upgrade command to finish update.

Logfile contains this error:
[proxy_fcgi:error] (…) AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Declaration of OCA\GroupFolders\Versions\VersionsBackend::getVersionFile(OCP\IUser $user, OCP\Files\FileInfo $sourceFile, int $revision): OCP\Files\File must be compatible with OCA\Files_Versions\Versions\IVersionBackend::getVersionFile(OCP\IUser $user, OCP\Files\FileInfo $sourceFile, $revision): OCP\Files\File in /var/www/web/apps/groupfolders/lib/Versions/VersionsBackend.php on line 38’

NC installations otherwise was identical except 16.0.4 had Group folder app (updated to latest version before NC update to 17).


I had the same issue with the update from NC16.0.5 to NC17.0.
I had group folders app enabled and had to login via SSH and run the occ command “upgrade”.

So the big factor is the app here. If NC 16.0.4 or NC16.0.5 doesn’t seem to matter.
I’ll check if there is a github issue for that already.

This will be a big issue for users without ssh access.

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So there is an issue dealing with it already:

I also added a warning here and pinned that to hopefully avoid that people run into this issue before it is fixed:

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