Was Nextcloud 20 shipped to all users?


because of the thread No new updates are available i want to know whether Nextcloud 20 is shipped to all older Nextcloud instances and if not what are the impediments. After which time with the newest/lastest version of an older release i get an update to “stable” in stable-channel? Has upgrade reached 100%? Nextcloud 20 is now two months old.

Thank you very much.


@jospoortvliet Can you help us out here? Is there a reason for this delay?

Same problem here :slight_smile:

Same here too.

NC 20 will be available to NC 19 users (as update) as soon as NC 20 reach desired stability level. Usually, it is when version XX.1 or XX.2 of new NC become available.

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at the moment nextcloud 20 is rolled out to ~20% of users who are on the stable channel and have the latest 19 version. the next days 20.0.3 will get out of release candidate.

after this i guess they will increase the 20% to a higher number with offering 20.0.3.


Great to see progress here, but even better is to see that you handle these upgrades responsibly!
As much as I want to get the latest and greatest, availability of my NC installation is paramount for me.
So take your time to make sure the upgrade is as seamless as possible.


Only 20% of the users are offered to upgrade to v.20 by the time v.21 beta rolls out?
And this is nowadays called responsible rollout?

Miracles of the flexibility of the English language…:slight_smile:

You can always take the risk and choose the beta channel. It’s your choice. Stop complaining. As I see it it is a miracle each time a new version is rolled out in view of that large variations in OSs and app developers


That’s what I do…
And I don’t complain…

Work from home is hard enough; why not have some fun at “Nextcloud rollout” expense…?

In my case it was even crazier. I started the update to 19.0.5 or something like that and suddenly v20 had been installed and said some plugins got disabled because of incompatibility. Fortunately all plugins are still working if I enable them anyway.

Hmmm… In that case you must have used the beta channel!

It updated via stable channel for me a few days ago. Worked fine. Just had to run an occ command to modify the database as per the instructions that came with the update. Version installed = 20.02. I’m not sure why the concern. Is there a particular feature you are desperate to get. As far as I know, new releases get rolled out gradually.

To force the Update to V.20, i must switch temporarily to beta Channel.
After that, i switched back to stable.

To force the Update to V.20, you just have to enter this in your terminal:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

from the official announcement here on the forums


In order to obtain high stability, even if I can update to version *.2, I usually wait until I can update to *.4 or *.5 before updating the major version.


I recommend that too in a production environment. When you read over the forums, then you should be able to estimate what version you can take the risk with.

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