Warning “formula separator settings conflict with locale” after update to 24.x

After updating CODE server to 24.x users get the following warning each time they open a spreadsheet:
separator values warning

Only way to get rid of error is to change user language setting back to english, which isnt ideal. Ideas how to fix this issue, or at least get rid of that warning every time we open a spreadsheet?

The same thing for me when the language is German :joy:

We have started having the same issue.

if you use docker make a new pull from docker hub, if you use packages install the dict-en.

tried it on packages, no difference, still getting warning message

I have the same Problem on a German Nextcloud after Upgrading.

Da die aktuellen Formeltrenneinstellungen mit
dem Gebietsschema in Konflikt stehen, wurden
die Einstellungen auf ihre Standardwerte


Anybody know how to fix this?

Same Problem here
i dont use docker

Same problem here, I have already installed both the collaboraoffice-dict-en and collaboraoffice-dict-it packages (we’re set to Italian language).
My installation is on Debian bullseye lxc container.

Same here.

Same here. No docker. German language

Same here. with docker. French language

Same Problem here.
Nextcloud 28.0.5 - Built-in CODE Server 24.4.103
Italian language

Same here on 3 differents instances after upgrade to : Nextcloud Hub 8 - 29.0.0 and CODE 24.04-2
French language

Same here .
Collabora installed by .deb on a separate server
All relevant dicts installed

NC 27.1.2 / NCoffice 8.2.9

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I still have the issue with NC Office 8.2.10

The installation of Collabora solved everything, thx @jtr .

Yes, can confirm as of today’s packages update the issue is solved. thanks to everyone who contributed to the fix.

Hello, I have version 24.4.201 built in here which still shows the error