Want to view slide photos in directory

I have created directories and sub directories and put inside photos

i would like, when an user go to the directory , automatically it see the slide/picture in the directory instead a list of files

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Maybe you can use Nextcloud Photos instead of Nextcloud Files.

if i want to use NextCloud file it is because i have 20 first level directories, and under each these firts level, 1 , 2 , … 5 second level directories and by this way i have ordered !
i didn’t see how it is possible to order picture with NextCloud photos
may be if you have solution
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one more problem !!
i can’t add photos in an album i got and error message failed to add wxxxx.jpeg to album …

so no more answer
but my remark about the difficulties of album tree is not false see that for exemple :


I am not sure i will get answer !
After a lot of time to learn ( try ) how Nextcloud handle photos and directories i found :
i can create sub directories under photos and sub-sub directories
in theses i can upload pictures
all theses picture are seen in the main screen photo, with is a mess when you have thousand of ;

I can created Albums BUT there is no link between the place of albums and the directories created before so why and what is the utility of theses , only the possibility to order pictures

and … my final question if i open a directory created with pictures inside … i see a list of files , no diaporama , which seem to be available only with albums … theses albums without link with /photos/xxxxx

even with albums photo the diaporama does’nt start