Add photo to album

Silly question… But how do you add a photo to an album? I know its a simple question, but I assumed you right clicked it and click add to album like any other photo management application… Then I assumed it was in the sidebar, but I didn’t see an option there either…

Nextcloud 20.0.2 on Ubuntu 20.04

The Photos app interprets your directory structure as an album, so you need to move your images to different sub directories to get it organized. The function you’re looking for doesn’t exist in Nextcloud yet.

Ohh… that is very… un-ideal… I add a single picture to mupltile albums all the time.

But I may be able to use tags… but I can’t find a way to do that either. So how do I add tags to items?

In the File app click on the 3 dots behind the name, select details and click again on the 3 dots behind the file name to add tags.

yep, the new photo app is still a dumpster-fire.

Is there a naming convention or schema that has to be followed for this to happen?

I am syncing photos from my phone into my Photos folder and the structure is something like this

|_ Camera
|   |_IMG_XYZ1
|        |_  IMG_XYZ1.jpg
|   |_IMG_XYZ2
|        |_  IMG_XYZ2.jpg
    |_ IMG1.jpg
    |_ IMG2.jpg

In the photos app I don’t see any link for “Your Albums”.