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We are evaluating NextCloud for use within our enterprise. So far it has met all requirements but one.

We require the ability for an admin user to view the activity logs for all users. This is needed for auditing purposes.

I have already tested impersonate user and unfortunately this does not meet our requirements.

Could someone please assist?



dunno how you could/would see ALL activities of all users but here’s an app that would at least let any admin know about what was shared and downloaded… maybe one step closer to what you’d need.

all in all i think nextcloud inc. could be of great help here since i was told that they would help enterprise customers. so maybe they already have such an app… just get in contact with them.

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Thank you for you reply.

Logged in as admin I can only see admin activities and not activities by other users. I do have the Activities for shared file downloads, visible to all admins application enabled.

Could someone please let me know what I need to do to see activities from all users?



hello together,

activity app of nextcloud is great. But I am searching for a setting that normal user can not change the settings for himself.
What I must do to solf this problem.
Best regards

I think, I did’nt understand the opportunities of settings. Now I guess, the user can only modify the activity logging settings he want to see in his stream or by email. His modification has not influence to the global settings.
Ich denke, ich habe die Einstellungsmöglichen im normalen User falsch verstanden. So wie ich das jetzt verstehe, kann der Benutzer lediglich einstellen, welche Daten er persönlich in seinem Stream sehen können will. Das ist aber unabhängig davon, wie das globale Monitoring eingestellt ist.
Is that correct?
best regards

Yes, you are right! I have regonized the same as you. There is not a centre für monitoring all activities. That’s not good.
But I heard about an app of centre monitoring. Does somebody have experience for this monitoring app of all activities?

While a Nextcloud app could no doubt be built to monitor all sorts of aspects about Nextcloud, the question is whether you would rather the Nextcloud developers work on Nextcloud specific functionality or work on such a monitoring solution. There is some limited monitoring already in Nextcloud, just like there is some limited monitoring built into an OS like Windows. However, even with Windows, if you want it properly monitored, you need external tools for that.
There is a way of monitoring, if not all activity, then at least a lot of Nextcloud activity, but it requires setting up a Splunk server and the “Splunk App for Nextcloud”. You can find some information about it here:

not the admin of system will get the acitivty emails but the group admin. So I think you must add the admin as a group admin of the group directories.

I guess that will solve your problem.

By the way I think, this is not a professional solution. So we will maybe try the app SPLUNK App

Has this somehow progressed since (core, external app…) ?
Or such functionality remains unavailable ?